Shocking Recording Of Crocodile Cannibalism (Video)


Zookeepers and zoo visitors were stunned when they watched a crocodile biting one of its own kind (video below).

YouTube user Chelsea Jonas captured the gory event at an unidentified zoo and posted the video online. The Mirror reports the zoo was somewhere in Australia.

In the disturbing recording a zookeeper is feeding fish to crocodiles inside a pen. Just as the worker throws a fish, three of the crocodiles rush toward it, but one of the crocodiles dashed over to another croc and took a bite out of the other crocodile's leg.

The blood-thirsty croc chomped down on the helpless victim’s leg, did a barrel roll and ripped off the poor croc’s leg before swallowing it whole.

The clip abruptly ends as soon as the injured croc begins to wobble away in shock. Zoo visitors can be heard in the background gasping in horror as they watched the scene unfold.

“Oh my God,” says one woman. “Look, he’s bleeding,” says another.

“So scary!” exclaims a zoo visitor.

Cannibalism among crocodiles is not unheard of and has been well documented. In December 2015, an Australian woman caught a crocodile ferociously attacking another croc and eating it on camera.

The incident happened at Rinyirru National park in Queensland. "I was in the right place at the right time," Sandy Bell told the BBC. "It was totally amazing but so shocking."

"The bigger crocodile was sitting in the water, and the littler one was sitting on the edge of the bank," Bell said. "Suddenly the bigger one grabbed the smaller one and flung it up into the air. It starting flinging the smaller one around, splashing it into the water. Then it started eating the tail, and then the legs. Just ... chomp chomp chomp.”

She added: "When this massive crocodile reared out of the water, it was pretty special to see. The head just looked monstrous. All I could think was you can see how easy it is for animals or people to get taken by a crocodile -- because it was so ferocious and strong and powerful."

WARNING: Graphic video

Sources: Mirror, BBC / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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