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Man Finds Wife Working As Prostitute After She Claimed To Be A Waitress

A husband received the shock of a lifetime when he entered a brothel and found his wife coming out of a room with another man. Tatenda Nyika discovered that his wife, who claimed to be working as a waitress, was in fact working as a prostitute for six months.

Miriam Dube told her husband that she was hired as a waitress and would have to work the night shift. The couple lives in Gweru, a city in central Zimbabwe. Pulse reported that Dube was forced to start working after Nyika lost his job.

While the husband could have also been blamed for entering the brothel, he was only investigating after his friends told him that his wife worked there.

He said, “I kept hearing it from a lot of people, so I decided to follow my wife to her work place and I caught her in the act with another man."

World Wide Weird News reported that the man Dube was with did not know she was married and that he paid for her services.

Sources: Pulse, World Wide Weird News / Photo Source: Nehanda Radio


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