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Young Woman Who Realized She Was About To Be Gang-Raped Takes Unfortunate Measures

When a young Turkish model realized that her real estate agent and his friend had planned on gang raping her in a locked apartment, she jumped out the window to her death.

Twenty-year-old university student and model, Gulay Bursali, went on vacation to Istanbul with her boyfriend, identified as Engin O, according to Daily Mail.

The couple had asked a real estate agent if he could find them an apartment to rent for the weekend. The agent managed to get them keys to a property in the Basaksehir district.

When the two went inside the building after partying at a local bar, the agent and his friend attacked Engin, seized his phone and locked him inside one of the rooms.

According to Engin’s police statement, the real estate agent had duped his way inside by claiming he needed to get some things from the apartment, according to The Mirror.

Then they locked Bursali in another room and stripped her naked. The model was able to open the window and climb outside, threatening to leap unless they let her go.

"I heard somebody screaming help, and I thought maybe it was just someone messing around. Then I saw [a] naked girl hanging out of the window," an eyewitness told a local broadcaster.

According to The Mirror, he added: 

She was yelling don't pull me inside, if you try to pull me inside I will jump. Those inside were shouting at her to come inside, saying they were going to call the police.

But she wasn't interested, I heard her threaten them two more times to say that she would jump, and was calling for somebody to help.

I didn't say anything, I felt if she moved even a bit she was going to fall and that was why [I] didn't say anything. I just called the police. While I was doing that, she jumped.

After Bursali’s boyfriend was freed from the flat, he was questioned by police and released. Authorities are still looking for the real estate agent and his partner.


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