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Young Woman Stoned To Death In Afghanistan For Eloping (Video)

A young woman was reportedly stoned to death in Ghalmeen, Afghanistan, at the end of October (video below).

Rokhsahana, believed to be about 20 years old, had been forced into a marriage with an older man, but decided to elope with another man closer to her age, AFP reports. However, she was caught and subsequently stoned to death by several males.

Rokhsahana was placed into a neck-deep hole where the men pelted her with stones.

A crowd watched as the victim professed her Muslim faith repeatedly while the mob killed her.

"This is the first incident in this area but will not be the last," Seema Joyenda, one of only two female governors in the country, told AFP. "Women in general have problems all over the country, but especially in Ghor ... The man with whom she was eloping has not been stoned."

While local officials said the Taliban was to blame for the killing, activists had another take, The Guardian reports.

"Usually, they are putting it on the Taliban to cover up their own kind," Wazhma Frogh, co-founder of the Research Institute for Women, Peace and Security, told The Guardian. "Of course the Taliban do these things, but we can’t deny that tribal leaders also do the same things."

Warning: Disturbing content.

Sources: AFP via, The Guardian / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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