Young Men Yell Racist Slurs At U.S. Vet In U.K. (Video)

A video (below) has surfaced of some young men yelling racist slurs at a U.S. Army veteran on a tram in Manchester, England, on June 28.

According to TheJournal.ie, three young males appeared to be drinking beer as they yelled such slurs as "Go home to Africa!" and "F----- little immigrant."

The victim, identified as Juan Jasso, replied to the youths: "How old are you? 18 or 19? I've been here longer than you have ... You are extremely ignorant. You're not very intelligent, do you know that?"

The young people appear to throw beer at Jasso, which upset some other passengers, who apparently got hit with the booze.

As the young men leave the tram, they are called "disgusting" and "a disgrace" by other passengers.

"We are aware of a video of a hate incident that has surfaced online this morning," said Chief Inspector Gareth Parkin of Greater Manchester Police.

Police arrested three males -- ages 20, 18 and 16 -- on suspicion of affray, or public fighting. The two youngest bailed out of jail, but the 20-year-old is still being held, reports BBC News.

"It's been a bit surreal how social media can instantly take an incident like this and make it global," Jasso said. "I've had a lot of support from complete strangers."

According to Jasso, he chided the young men for "swearing profusely" and "visibly upsetting" other passengers.

Jasso, who lecturers at a university in Manchester, added: "I didn't do anything that was disrespectful. I literally just asked them to watch their language. I don't think my accent was a part of that [abuse], I think it was more just my appearance."

Jasso said that he does confront people at times: "I challenge people a lot on different things when I'm out, if people are littering, language, loads of different things."

"If I don't feel comfortable I'll say something," he added. "I know that when I challenge somebody I'm going to be on my own and I'm still prepared to do that."

Mashable noted that there has been a wave of anti-immigrant incidents in the U.K. following the June 23 Brexit vote, which some Brits believe is somehow going to stop Muslims from immigrating.

Sources: TheJournal.ie, BBC News, Mashable / Photo Credit: fooon/YouTube

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