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Young Boy Chugs Pint Of Guinness In A Crowded Pub (Video)

A video (shown below) has surfaced online of a young boy chugging a pint of Guinness in a crowded bar.

The short clip was uploaded on LiveLeak on July 7 and has received more than 50,000 views, the Daily Mirror reported. It features a young boy, presumably between 7 and 8 years of age, having a swig of what appears to be a pint of Guinness at a bar.

The boy is seen donning a Captain America baseball cap. He looks at the camera and declares, "I'm drinking this Guinness all in one go, lovely Guinness, yeah."

The young lad guzzles the beer for about eight seconds before slamming the glass down. He drank a little less than half of the pint and didn’t appear to enjoy the adult beverage. Still, our young protagonist put on a brave face, gave the camera a thumbs up, and said, “Lovely Guinness boys, number one.”

While some commenters found the clip offensive, others questioned the validity of the video. Many believed the pint of Guinness was really just root beer.

“Probably just root beer.. dad's do stuff like this sometimes to make their sons feel like they are on the same level,” wrote one commenter.

Others found the video amusing and played along.

“Somebody better get his car keys,” wrote another user.

And then there were some who saw nothing wrong with the boy’s happy hour.

“Fair play son theres alot (sic) worse happening in the world, a wee half pint does no harm,” wrote another commenter.

Sources: Daily Mirror, LiveLeak

Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube


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