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Photo Of Dozens Of Hawks On Plane Goes Viral (Photo)

Passengers on a flight were shocked to see who they would have to share a flight with.

A photo shared on Reddit shows dozens of hawks sitting among passengers on a flight.

The original poster of the photo said it had been sent to the Reddit user "by a captain friend." The user says that 80 hawks were on the flight in total.

According to the Reddit post, the hawks were brought onto the plane after a Saudi Prince bought tickets for each and every bird of prey.

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The bizarre scene is thought to have taken place on a Qatar Airlines flight, though it has not been confirmed.

The hawks were perched with their wings tied so that they were not able to fly inside the plane. 

Users on Reddit questioned the original poster's claim that the birds are hawks, suggesting they might actually be falcons.

According to the Daily Mail, transporting falcons on airlines in the Middle East is quite common. Qatar Airlines allows up to six birds to be transported in economy class. Often, the birds of prey are transported to take place in hunts. 

Falcons are a symbol of the United Arab Emirates and are eligible for their own passports for traveling on flights.

The photo of that bizarre scene prompted a variety of reactions from Reddit users.

"Hawks are cool and all but what does one do with eighty?" one user wrote.

"That doesn't seem like the ideal way to do this, but my experience in transporting large amounts of live hawks is too limited to fully evaluate this method," another user joked.

Sources: RedditDaily Mail / Photo credit: Greg Lasley/Vireo via Audubon, Reddit via Daily Mail

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