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Would-Be Groom Gets Cold Feet, Cuts Off Own Genitals

A 26-year-old Asian man in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, reportedly cut off his own genitals to avoid being married to a second wife.

The man didn't like his potential second wife, so he tried to get out of the nuptials by severing his manhood, a police source told the Khaleej Times.

The severely bleeding groom-to-be and his severed organ -- in a bag -- were taken by his brother to a local hospital, which transferred the man and his detached penis to a larger regional hospital.

An official at Al Qassimi Hospital said that a team of doctors performed surgery on the man for about three hours to reattach the body part, but it almost didn't happen.

Dr. Younis Al Shamsi said the man originally refused to get the surgery, so the man's brother and the medical team spent some time convincing the patient he would be better off with his penis.

Hospital officials notified the police about the man, who was originally thought to have tried to kill himself, but was really acting in rebellion against family members who were trying to push him into the second marriage.

The man already has a wife and two daughters.

The man is in stable condition, according to Shamsi, and will be provided with psychiatric help. 

"I have conducted a number of surgeries on male organs, but this case was very strange and rare as the organ was separated from the body and was brought to us in plastic bag," Shamsi said.

A similar self-mutilation incident happened in 2009 when a 25-year-old man in southern Egypt cut his penis off after his father refused to allow him to marry a woman, noted Newser.

Police said that the man heated up a knife, possibly to disinfect it, and proceeded to saw off his organ. He was rushed to a hospital, but doctors were not able to reattach his penis.

He reportedly wanted to marry a woman from a lower class family, but his conservative father would not hear of it.

Sources: Khaleej Times, Newser / Photo credit: tsurutakoji/Flickr

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