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'Worse Than Jumping On Someone's Grave': Woman Snorts Party Host's Mother's Ashes

Anyone who throws a house party knows what to expect: furniture might be damaged, drinks may be spilled, food might be dropped on the carpet. But something far worse happened when a Scottish woman threw a party in her Dundee home.

Jacqui Tierney, 51, recalled the horrific night when a woman took her mother’s ashes out of an urn, snorted them and fled the party, the Evening Telegraph reported.

“How could someone do something like this? It is beyond belief that this happened in my own home,” Tierney said. "She just took the ashes from the top of my unit and started snorting them.”

A family friend of Tierney’s witnessed the incident and immediately told the party host what happened.

"I was shocked and disgusted. We had all been drinking and she just seemed to think it was fun and showing off about it,” the witness, who requested to not be named, said. “It's worse than jumping on someone's grave. It's so disrespectful to the memory of someone's mum and gran and I can't believe it happened."

Tierney said she was close to her mother, Hilda, who passed away four years ago. She said she couldn’t believe how someone could do such a thing.

"My mum meant the world to me and, apart from anything else, how could someone do something so disrespectful?" Tierney asked. “I decided to challenge this person about what they had done but she ran away out of my house and I haven't seen her since. She has tried to contact me by phone but I haven't seen her since. I don't know what I would say to her but I know she will never set foot in this house again."

Perhaps the most heartbreaking part of the woman’s bizarre party faux pas was that Tierney planned to make jewelry out of her mother’s ashes.

"After mum was cremated I scattered some of her ashes in a favorite spot but kept a small amount back to make into jewelry,” Tierney explained. "I thought it would be nice to put some of her ashes into a ring or necklace but now there is nothing left for me to do that with."

Sources: Evening Telegraph, STV News

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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