World's Largest Aircraft Prepares For Take-Off (Video)


The blimp-like Airlander 10 is 300 feet long, making it the word's largest aircraft. The part plane, part helicopter hybrid is scheduled to go on a test fight in March (video below).

The Airlander was originally created by the U.S. Army, but it was dropped by the military in 2012, The Daily Mail notes.

The project was picked up by one of the companies contracted to build it, Hybrid Air Vehicles, and it is currently housed in Bedfordshire, England.

When the $1.1 billion-dollar Airlander had a "floating" test run in October 2015, it was filled with 1.3 million cubic feet of helium. Now, however, the aircraft feature engines and fins.

Next month's test run will take place in a 70-mile area, and if all goes well, the Airlander will be manufactured for commercial flights, government surveillance, scientific research and filming.

The Airlander can reportedly fly for two weeks, go faster than 90 mph, carry 10 tons of cargo, rise up to 20,000 feet, land on any surface, and carry 48 people.

The huge aircraft is quiet and doesn't spew out much pollution.

“It’s very satisfying for the team and me to get another milestone under our belts," Mike Durham, Hybrid Air Vehicles’ technical director, said on the company's website.

"We’re hugely excited about the forthcoming Airlander First Flight this year," Durham added.

Sources: Daily Mail, Hybrid Air Vehicles / Photo Credit: Hybrid Air Vehicles, Akademi Portal via YouTube

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