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'World's Biggest Snake' Discovered (Video)


Footage surfaced online (below) of what was claimed to be the world’s biggest snake.

In the video, the snake is seen bound in chains after it was reportedly captured in the wild. The camera pans along the snake’s gigantic body, displaying its stunning size. 

The video ends by showing the snake’s head, which is seemingly much larger than a human being’s head.

The video quickly went viral, garnering responses from people who objected to the snake being killed and chained up as shown in the clip.

“Its sad to think a snake of such sheer size has reached that point for what?” one viewer commented. "Its own death and people to talk about it for a while? I [don't] know if they had a reason to do what appears [to be] killing it, perhaps its a danger to people but surely it should be kept or refrained appropriately?” 

Watch the stunning footage below.

Sources: Daily Mirror, Unilad / Photo credit:


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