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Canadian Woman Discovers Scorpion In Her Bananas (Photos)

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A woman in Victoria, British Columbia received a creepy-crawling surprise when she discovered a scorpion in a bunch of bananas she recently bought.

Christy Smith discovered the scorpion in her organic bananas. It was underneath a sticker on one of the pieces of fruit.

“All I noticed was the legs were moving,” Smith said, according to CBC News. “I freaked out, pulled off the sticker and smashed it with the nearest heavy object on my counter, and then was like, what was that?”

Smith purchased the bananas from a Thrifty Foods in Fairfield.

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When she inspected the insect more she found that it was a small scorpion.

"I'm going to think twice before I stick my hand into the middle of the banana pit next time,” Smith said. “I might actually buy non-organic next time or make sure there's no hiding spots on there or any creepy-crawlers."

According to CBC News in British Columbia, only a small portion of the some 1,500 identified species of scorpions pose a threat to human life.

Murray Isman, a professor of entomology and toxicology at the University of British Columbia, spoke to CBC News about scorpions and the threats they potentially pose.  

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“Some scorpions can have a very nasty sting,” Isman said. “Most of them tend to have more of a bee-like or wasp-like sting, painful but not terribly life-threatening.”

According to the professor, the creature most likely came from Costa Rica as many of the bananas imported into Canada are from Central or South America.

Erin Coulson, spokeswoman for Thrifty Foods, addressed the issue.

“It happens from time to time,” Coulson said. “We get a bit of a stowaway with a shipment. Most often we notice that before it’s put on the shelf.”

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According to her, produce should be checked before eaten or cooked.

Thrifty Foods plans to refund Smith for her bananas and give her a gift card as well. 

Source: CBC, ChekNews

Photo Credit: CBC, ChekNews, WikiCommons


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