Two Young Sons Live In Filth While Mom Parties


An Australian mother has been sent to jail after her sons were found left alone, hungry and living in filth while she was out partying.

Neighbors reportedly called the police after seeing a dirty, naked toddler screaming and hitting his head against a window.

When police arrived, they entered the house to find floors covered in garbage and rotting food. The two boys, ages 2 and 4, were looking for meals.

Judge Anthony Moynihan said the boys would “eat off the floor, the bin” and that “they’d try to eat dog food.”

The boys’ beds were covered in urine and excrement. There was no bedding and the children did not have clean clothes. Police said the house had an “overpowering stench of urine and feces.”

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According to court testimony, the mother was asleep in the bedroom when police arrived at the home.

In court on March 29, the 22-year-old mother cried while the judge sentenced her to 12 months in jail.

“What you did to them… was cruel,” Judge Moynihan told the mother, who remains unidentified.

According to 7 News Brisbane, the children are currently living with their grandmother and will return to their mother after she serves at least four months behind bars.

A medical examination of the children revealed that they were both suffering from chronic diarrhea, ABC reports.

Sources: 7NewsABC  / Photo credit: 7News

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