Woman's Dismembered Body Found In Austrian Lake


Police in Austria are scouring Traunsee, a lake near the town of Gmunden after authorities recovered two suitcases containing parts of a woman’s body on Jan. 3.

A man’s body was found in the lake on Jan. 4, The Associated Press reported. Officials believe the man strangled the woman, dismembered her and then drowned himself.

The woman’s head was encased in concrete, and the man’s hands were tied to bags that contained rocks and personal belongings, Reuters reported.

"This makes us primarily think of an 'extended suicide,’” a local prosecutor told reporters at a news conference, according to Reuters.

Neither body has been identified. Reports suggest the man and the woman were in their 70s, but the woman might have been younger.

It's unclear how long the bodies were in the water or where they might have come from.

Sources: Reuters via Canoe, AP via The Washington Post / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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