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Woman Who Falsely Accused Date Of Raping Her Given Community Service

A British woman who falsely accused a man of raping her on a train has been given community service as punishment.

Karen Farmer, 35, initially told police she was sexually assaulted on a train from Glasgow to Blantyre.

Farmer lied, as the sex she had with the 23-year-old man on the train was consensual, BBC reports. They had actually been on a date together that evening and she only made up the rape story after he left her alone once they got off the train.

It was reported that they were seen on their date drinking and being “openly physically affectionate” by kissing each other. They boarded the train together to Blantyre where the man lived and Farmer was under the impression she would be spending the night at his home.

CCTV on the train caught the couple having consensual sex.

When Farmer and the man got off the train, he told her he had to use the bathroom—he never came back.

Farmer borrowed a phone at the station and sent the following text to the man: "Thanks for the night that I paid for for you to leave me in Blantyre. For you to use me like that has made me feel so low. Trying to find my way back home, I don't know how to get there."

Farmer, visibly upset and crying, boarded a train back to Glasgow and told the driver she had been assaulted.

Upon arrival in Glasgow, Farmer told police she had been sexually assaulted by the man and a rape kit was conducted as well as an interview with a sexual assault officer.

Farmer told police the man was “aggressive and controlling.” He was detained at work and questioned by police, reports Metro.

Farmer’s attorney, Louise Arrol, said her client is a “vulnerable 35-year-old” and has “very little recollection of events that evening.”

"There was reference to her being intoxicated,” Arrol said. “When she viewed the CCTV she realized her recollection was not what she thought it was."

Farmer pleaded guilty to falsely claiming she was raped and causing police to devote their time and services in an investigation she knew was false. She will perform community service and be supervised for the next three years.

Sources: BBC News, Metro

Photo Source: BBC News


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