Scorned Wife Murders Husband's Love Child

After learning her husband fathered a daughter from an extramarital affair, G. Sharaliyeva of Russia kidnapped the child and then drowned her in a park.

The 2-year-old toddler was sitting helpless in a stroller at the park when her aunt left her unattended for mere minutes. It was then that Sharaliyeva snatched her, the Daily Mail reports.

When the child’s aunt returned, she found the empty pushchair and spotted Sharaliyeva walking hand-in-hand with the toddler in the distance.

“I pleaded for help and ran after the woman, but fell down,” the aunt recounted.

Witnesses did not flag down Sharaliyeva, noting that the toddler had not put up a fuss when she was being taken away.

Security footage at the park showed Sharaliyeva dragging the child and eventually carrying her in her arms. She and the toddler disappeared in a taxi.

After a frantic search, law enforcement discovered the child’s body in a river running through another park in Ivanovo, Russia. Sharaliyeva was swiftly detained for murder.

“The investigation believes that the person who kidnapped and murdered the child is the wife of the biological father of the girl,” said a law enforcement spokesman.

The 2-year-old was the love child of the suspect’s husband, Sakhyd Sharaliyev​a. An anonymous family friend disclosed that Sakhyd was a serial philanderer. The child’s mother was a waitress working at his cafe.

“They had an affair three years ago … Soon she got pregnant,” the family friend said. “The man didn’t want to leave his wife and their two children, but promised to help to raise the child.”

The friend added that G. Sharaliyeva had been oblivious of her husband’s adultery.

“His wife came from Azerbaijan about four years ago and for a long time didn’t know her husband had a mistress, more than one, in fact…" the friend said. "...He was cheating his wife, but she simply didn’t know about it.”

After Sakhyd admitted he had a love child, his wife promptly did the unthinkable and murdered the toddler.

“When they said it’s my wife, I was shocked,” Sakhyd said.

“She was always quiet and calm, she has never said anything [angry about the baby]…" he added. "...I promised her not to see that woman again, but to help the child.”

Hundreds of locals have visited the child’s grave to pay their respects. Meanwhile, G. Sharaliyeva appeared in court confined in a steel cage.

Sakhyd philandering ways are mirrored by the extramarital exploits of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In March 2015, Putin disappeared from public life for a week, allegedly to spend time with his mistress, Olympian gymnast Alina Kabayeva, and their newborn love child, according to the New York Daily News.

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Daily News / Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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