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Woman Under Fire For Posting Picture Of Her Baby Smoking A Cigarette

A Spanish woman is coming under fire for posting a picture of her young baby smoking a cigarette on Instagram.

Reports say 18-year-old user lapelirrojah_delbarriooh of Valencia, Spain posted the picture in January, but recently, the image has gone viral. The teen captioned the photo, “Already smoking at a year old, love you little one, you’re my f****** life.”

Some users have accused the young mother of child abuse.

“I hope that girl is now in the hands of someone who does not want to cause premature death,” one user commented.

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Spanish Association of Pediatricians Vice President Antonio Nieto agreed, noting that tobacco is even more dangerous for babies than it is for adults.

“Tobacco is intrinsically even worse than heroin and to give it to a baby whose lungs are still developing,” Nieto told The Local. “Even children who are exposed to passive smoking are more likely to develop lung conditions such as asthma or chronic bronchitis. I think the police would definitely consider it to be child abuse, it is just absolutely unbelievable.”

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Instagram users reportedly sent the picture to local police, but it’s not clear if any action was taken against the mother.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Local

Photo Source: Instagram via Daily Mail


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