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Airport Security Discovers Baby That Mother Tried To Smuggle In


A woman traveling through the Philippines tried to take a little more than the airline bargained for onto the plane. 

A 25-year-old mother attempted to smuggle her baby onto a plane at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport recently.

She was caught in the act, however, when the security scanner discovered the 2-month-old sleeping in her backpack.

Assistant general manager for security and emergency services at the airport, Vicente L. Guerzon Jr. helped identify the woman as Jenifer Pavolaurea, a Papua New Guinean and a recent nursing graduate.

She attempted to take her child out of the country in this fashion due to the fact that she did not have the proper clearance to immigrate him.

She was detained after an x-ray of her bag revealed the child sleeping soundly inside. 

According to Guerzon, the woman's own documents seemed to have run out as well.

The woman was eventually allowed to continue on her journey without any charges brought against her.

Although this case is unusual, it is not the only case of a parent trying to smuggle their baby into another country. According to the Independent, an Egyptian couple attempted to smuggle their 5-month-old child in their luggage because they too did not have the correct documents for him. However, he was also discovered during the security check.

Source: The Independent Photo Credit:, WikiCommons


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