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Woman Throws Angry Tantrum In KFC (Video)

An unidentified woman was caught on a cellphone video (below) yelling profanities and racial epithets at a worker at a KFC in Greater Manchester, England, on Dec. 18.

During her rage-filled tantrum, the woman threw napkins and yelled, "I’ll kill you!" and "You f------- little black b-----," notes Metro.

At one point, a friend of the woman tries to restrain and push her away from the employee. Then those two women get into a verbal altercation as children watch.

A KFC spokesman told the Manchester Evening News: “It is horrible to see this kind of behavior towards our Team Members. We want to ensure they feel safe at all times when they’re at work and have offered them our support while we investigate further.”

Sources: Metro, Manchester Evening News / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot

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