Woman Speaks Out After Ex-Boyfriend Violently Ripped Flesh Inside Her Throat (Photo)

Kate Friday, 20, is sharing her story after her ex-boyfriend allegedly reached his fingers in her mouth and ripped flesh in her throat.

Friday and her ex-boyfriend Kyle Newby, 21, had been together for just a few months when the violent domestic abuse event occurred.

“He was my first boyfriend and I never knew what a healthy relationship was – he exploited that,” Friday told the Liverpool Echo. “I came to accept the abuse as the norm and just got used to it.”

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Friday added that she wished someone could have told her about the warning signs. Now, she’s telling her story in an effort to be that voice for someone else.

“If me speaking out can prevent another young woman from going through what I have, then it’s worth it,” Friday said.

Friday met Newby, a car salesman, on an online dating website in February 2014. At the beginning of their relationship, Newby was the “perfect” boyfriend, according to Friday. However, Newby quickly became abusive, demanding that Friday isolate herself from friends and family. Newby also began to dictate what Friday could wear.

Friday often received threatening text messages from Newby, including promises to make her life “hell” and death threats.

In November 2014, when Friday began to suspect that Newby was cheating on her, she ended the relationship.

The two met again when Newby cornered Friday in his car. Friday recalled that Newby was about to hit her in the head where a mark wouldn’t be visible – when she screamed, Newby put his fingers in her mouth.

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Newby reportedly pushed on Friday’s throat until she heard a pop. When Newby removed his fingers, there was blood everywhere.

Newby then pushed Friday out of his car because he reportedly didn’t want blood in his work car, then picked her up, and told her they needed to make up a story before going to the hospital. However, Friday told Newby to leave her alone and walked to a security office on the Hope University campus in Liverpool, where an ambulance was called.

Newby was recently sentenced to eight months in jail with a two-year suspension. He was also ordered to undergo a domestic violence program, handed a five year restraining order, and ordered to carry out unpaid work.

Friday, who reported that she’s much happier since ending her relationship with Newby, has since begun dating someone else. 

Sources: Buzzfeed, Liverpool Echo

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed 


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