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Woman Smashes Her Husband's Car For Cheating (Video)

Breaking up is hard to do, but cheating is downright awful. A woman in Nanjing, a county in the Jiangsu Province of China, decided to get even by destroying her, presumably former, partner’s car with her bare hands while he sat inside the vehicle, reports Daily Mail. 

The video’s (below) title identified the woman as the man’s wife, but it’s unclear if that’s actually the case.

Onlookers gawked as the woman, who has not been identified, approached the car and hit the windshield with a brick, reports US 99.5. She then ripped the glass off of the car. The man tried to get out of the car and calm her down, but she slapped him and screamed in his face, accusing him of having an affair. Police came in to break up the scene, but it’s unclear if she’s facing charges.

Sources: US 99.5, Daily Mirror

Image: Screen Capture via Daily Mirror


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