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Woman Shocked To Find Fly Inside Vitamin Capsule (Photos)

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A woman in India was shocked when she says she found a dead fly inside a multivitamin capsule. 

Ramya Venkat, a marketing executive in Mumbai, India, discovered the dead fly inside of a clear vitamin capsule, which was prescribed by her doctor to be taken before and during pregnancy, reports

She had reportedly been taking the pills for 11 months before she found a capsule with the dead insect, and subsequently contacted the manufacturer with a complaint and photo evidence of the disturbing find.

“I am going to contact my doctor to change my prescription. I wouldn’t recommend medicines from Nouveau to anyone,” she said.

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The vice president of Nouveau Medicament ultimately issued a short apology, saying that the “black particle” inside the capsule was “very unfortunate.” 

Venkat later contacted her country’s Food and Drug Administration to request that action be taken against Nouveau, reports The Health Site.

“We will review the entire batch to which this particular pill belonged,” Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Harshdeep Kamble said. “If the claims are found to be true, we will take action against the organization.”

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