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Woman Shocked To Discover Man Standing Outside Of Daughter's Window, Watching Her Sleep

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A mother was horrified to discover a man peering into her 4-year-old daughter’s window, watching her while she slept.

The mother wrote about the incident on her town's Facebook page and warned others of the creepy individual.

“Always believe what your children say!!” she wrote.

“My daughter was adamant a man was shinning [sic] a light in her window when she see it she looked out and a man asked her to come his house. Well tonight I see it happen, police have been and well she was 100% truthly [sic].”

The mother went on to warn others in her town to be on the lookout for the disturbed man. 

“Police have said they are aware of it. [They] know his whereabouts no harm have come to children 'yet' but he has issues,” she said. “Note to everyone be aware [of] anything suspicious with a man my daughter says [is] 'older than daddy' so 36+ had all dark clothing on white male stocky built."

A police spokesman confirmed that they were investigating the incident after they responded to a call about the man standing by a lamp post and staring at the girl before leaving.

“The child said there was a man outside the property and initially the mother though[t] it had been a bad dream but when she looked out of the window there was a man [who] stood by a lamp post on the street, who then wandered off,” the spokesman said. 

Sources: Daily Mirror, Frome Standard / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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