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Woman Searching For Long-Lost Sister After Finding Note At Father's Grave


A woman from Birmingham, England, is searching for someone who could be her long-lost sister after finding a note at her father’s grave in London.

Sue Gallagher, 65, said she found the note while visiting her father’s grave. It was written by a woman named Jodi and partly damaged by rain, the Mirror reports.

One decipherable portion of the note revealed what Gallagher believes is Jodi’s family relation.

“I would really like to know as much about Victor as possible as I believe it is important to know where you come from,” the note read. Jodi’s contact details had been washed away by rain.

Gallagher’s father, Albert Victor Edwards, was killed in 1965 on Christmas Day at age 37.

Now, Gallagher is on a mission to track down the sister she believes she never knew.

“I asked the cemetery office if they saw her, but they said they didn't, so I left my details in case she came back,” she told Mirror. “I have asked all of my family and called as many Jodis as I could find [on] the Internet, but I've come back with nothing."

Gallagher, one of five children, said her father’s second wife, Pauline Pearl Ward — who was later convicted of his murder — put a child up for adoption. She believes the child in question could be Jodi.

“I feel that I need to find her,” Gallagher said. "She is out there and she might not have any other siblings and she wanted to know about her father. I have all sorts of stories to share with her — the good, the bad and the ugly."

Judging by the date of her father’s death, Gallagher believes Jodi to be at least 50 years old.

“I think that if I were in Jodi's shoes, I would be wondering what my family was like and where I came from,” she said. “The first thing I would do if I get to meet her is give her a big hug to let her know everything is OK because those sorts of meetings can be very emotive. Then I would say, 'Hello, sis.' I would tell her a brief bit about me and my four siblings. I would ask her about her and how she is and whether she has siblings, and ask her what she wants to know about her father."

Sources: Mirror, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Mirror


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