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Woman Puts Out Cigarette in Australian Reporter's Face (Video)

Australian TV reporter Alex Bernhardt recently had a lit cigarette shoved in her face while trying to conduct an interview.

Bernhardt was trying to ask questions of a female friend of an accused murderer when the bizarre incident was caught on video (below), noted 9News.

"Just had a woman stub her lit cigarette into my face at Caboolture Court... Charming," Bernhardt tweeted.  

Bernhardt told Daily Mail Australia that she had "a bit of a red mark ... but I don't want to blow it out of proportion, it's gone now. It certainly wasn't something I was expecting when you're doing your job."

Police charged the woman with being a public nuisance, noted the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Bernhardt had water thrown on her last year by a reluctant interview subject.

Sources: Daily Mail Australia, Twitter, 9News
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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