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Cambodian Woman's Acid Attack On Boyfriend Goes Awry (Photos)


An angry girlfriend’s attempt to attack her boyfriend by pouring acid on him backfired.

Cambodian woman Ung Limey, 21, was riding with her former fiance on his motorcycle on Sept. 29 when she poured acid over him, police said, according to The Phnom Penh Post . The acid was blown back into her own face, causing severe burns.

The surprise attack caused 23-year-old Leng Socheata to crash, which led to further injuries for both individuals.

Socheata was reportedly taken to the hospital for treatment, but Limey fled the scene before authorities arrived.

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“We are currently looking to find the young woman who allegedly doused her former boyfriend with acid as she rode behind him on a motorbike,” police spokesman Mok Borunchhorsak said, according to the Daily Mail.

“His family said it was an act of revenge after they had persuaded him to break off the relationship," he added. "We have visited all of the state hospitals and there was no sign of her, and we suspect that means that she has been treated in a private hospital.”

A warrant was subsequently issued for Limey’s arrest. Police said she has a prior criminal record that includes drug charges.

“We know her very well, so I don't think it will take a long time to arrest her,” Borunchhorsak said.

Socheata's uncle said that although the two were in a relationship before the attack, his nephew has ended contact with Limey since the incident.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Phnom Penh Post / Photo credit: maticulous/Flickr, WikiCommons


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