Woman Jumps Into Crocodile Enclosure In Mexico Zoo (Video)


A woman narrowly escaped being mauled by a crocodile after she jumped into an animal enclosure in a Mexican zoo.

Stacy Alejandra Torres Cuellar, also known as Stacy Boo, was visiting the Zoo La Pastora in Monterrey, Mexico, when she jumped into a crocodile enclosure (video below). She was encouraged to do so by her friends, reports WGN.

Her actions were captured on camera. The footage reveals the woman jumping over the wall around the enclosure and making her way to where the crocodile rested.

When she comes behind the animal, she reaches to poke the crocodile on the back. When this happens, the crocodile reacts by turning around in an attempt to attack her.

The woman screams and jumps back, falling to the ground. She was able to get back up and run out of the enclosure.

Gustavo Sepulveda, zoo coordinator, told reporters that she has since been banned from the zoo, reports Info7.

The video was initially posted on Facebook where it became viral. The zoo figured out Cuellar was the culprit after discovering the video on social media.

Crocodiles reportedly kill an average of 2,500 people each year, making them 168 times more dangerous than sharks. 

Source: Info7, WGN, Pravda

Photo Credit: Screenshot via WGN


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