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Woman Hits Her Husband With A Car After Learning About His Affair With A Former Student

Maria Addis screamed “She’s only 18,” just before hitting her husband, 37-year-old teacher Mark Addis, with her car after learning he had an affair with a former student.

Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court in Wales, U.K., heard Maria struck Mark outside of their home in Glyncoch, Wales.

Maria was “nudging into (her husband) with the car, causing him to move backwards and fall to the ground.” Witnesses said Mark was seen “holding his left leg and groaning” before banging on the car's windows, Wales Online reported.

Jeremy Jenkins, Maria’s defense lawyer, said his client locked herself in the car because she was scared of her husband.

"Things got out of hand against a background where Addis was seeking to get the truth from her husband about an extra-marital affair with a former pupil. It was a misjudgement to move the car forward in the direction of her former husband,” he said, reports Daily Star. "But it was brought about by the circumstances that prevailed at the time.”

At the time of the incident, Maria was allegedly demanding to see Mark’s cellphone, but he didn’t want her to read the messages he exchanged with 18-year-old Lucy Gill. Maria pleaded guilty careless driving instead of going to court over the issue. She was fined and had points added to her license. 

Judge Richard Twomlow told her: “This incident was a stupid incident and did not bring much credit on any participant in it.”

Though Mark and Maria have been married for 15 years, on Facebook he is reportedly listed as being “in a relationship” with Gill.

Sources: Daily Star, Wales Online / Photo credit: Daily Star


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