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Tinder Date Goes Horribly Wrong (Photos)

Tinder Date Goes Horribly Wrong (Photos) Promo Image

A U.K. man has raised more than $2,700 on GoFundMe after his Tinder date broke his window while trying to retrieve her own stool in a bizarre bathroom accident.

Liam Smyth, 24, was in the middle of a nightcap with his Tinder date after sharing a romantic meal at a local restaurant, the Daily Mail reported. They went back to his Bristol home, where things got a little complicated.

"After our meal, we repaired back to my house for a bottle of wine and a scientology documentary," Smyth recalled in the GoFundMe page's description. "About an hour in to Louis Theroux and chill, my date got up to use the toilet."

That's when a nightmare became a grim reality for the Tinder date.

"She returned with a panicked look in her eye, and told me she had something to tell me. 'I went for a poo in your toilet,' she told me, and it would not flush," wrote Smyth, who is a postgraduate student studying sociology at Bristol University. "She continued, 'I don't know why I did this, but I panicked. I reached into the toilet bowl, wrapped it in tissue paper, and threw it out of the window.'"

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Smyth consoled his date, telling her they would go into the garden to retrieve the feces and "pretend the whole sorry affair had never happened." But there was one problem -- the bathroom window didn't open to the garden.

"Instead, it opens into a narrow gap of about a foot and a half, separated from the outside world by another (non-opening) double glazed window," Smyth explained. "It was into this twilight zone that my date had thrown her poo."

Smyth decided the best thing to do was to smash the window open, but his date had a better idea.

"Being an amateur gymnast, she was convinced that she could reach into the window and pull the poo out, using the tried and tested 'inside out bag as glove' technique," Smyth continued. "Unfortunately she couldn't reach. She climbed further in and had the same problem. Eventually I agreed to give her a boost up and into the window.

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"She climbed in head first after her own turd, reached deeper into the window, bagged it up, and passed it out, over the top and back into the toilet from whence it came.

"She called out to me to help her climb out from the window, I grabbed her waist and I pulled. But she was stuck. Stuck fast."

After several failed attempts to get his date out of the window, Smyth decided to call the fire department. They were able to get her out safely, but broke the window in the process.

"I'm not complaining, they did what they had to do," Smyth admitted. "Problem is, I've been quoted north of ($391) to replace the window. As a postgraduate student, that is a significant chunk of my monthly budget (in fact, that is my monthly budget)."

Smyth's story appeared to resonate with the generous people of the internet -- so much, in fact, that the GoFundMe page raised $2,700 in just one day.

Smyth said he will donate the extra money to two charities: Fire Fighters Charity and Toilet Twinning, a charity that builds and maintains toilets in the developing world.

Despite the awkward conclusion to his Tinder date, Smyth said he is open to seeing the woman again.

"We did go and meet for a drink to discuss setting up the crowdfunder," he said. "She's a lovely girl - I'm not sure what's going to happen - I'm really busy with my dissertation at the moment but I'd certainly be open to seeing her again."

Sources: Daily Mail, GoFundMe / Featured Image: Hamza Butt/Flickr / Embedded Images: GoFundMe

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