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Chinese Villager Steamed To Death By Witch Doctors

A Chinese villager in the southwestern Sichuan province was reportedly steamed to death by two witch doctors Feb. 27.

The woman, named Li, had an unknown illness for many years and several treatments had failed, ECNS reported.

The two witch doctors, named Fan and Hu, reportedly claimed that steaming the woman in a large wooden barrel would get rid of the devil within her and cure her illness.

Local villagers came to Li’s house at around 9 p.m. when they heard her screaming. The two witch doctors informed the villagers the screams were not coming from Li, but from the devil inside her.

By the time the villagers were able to free Li from the barrel, it was too late to save her. Her face had turned black and she could no longer stand up.

She died soon after emergency medical workers arrived on scene.

Fan and Hu have been taken into custody by police.

The problem of witch doctors providing harmful “treatments” for ailments continues to affect other parts of the world.

The Hindu reported from Odisha, India, that a newborn child had been branded with a hot iron by a witch doctor on Feb. 16.

The child’s parents took her to a local witch doctor due to an unspecified illness. He conducted the branding for a week until the child’s condition became critical. The Hindu reported the hospital was trying to save the baby.

In recent months, five witch doctors were arrested in that part of India for mistreating babies.

Sources: ECNS, The Hindu / Photo credit: via ECNS

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