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Woman Mistakenly Believes Her Boyfriend Is Cheating -- And Exacts Revenge

A woman from China wasn't about to let her boyfriend get away with cheating -- so she got revenge on him by sticking sanitary pads to his car. 

But Li Tan, 23, made a huge mistake. 

The woman believed her boyfriend De Wu, 24, was up to no good when he went to a "friend's" house and failed to return hours later. Instead of asking questions, Tan jumped to conclusions, assumed he was committing adultery, and plotted a way to humiliate him, reports the Daily Mail.

Tan reportedly purchased 30 sanitary napkins at a store and stuck them on Wu's rental car. She then took a photo of her act of sabotage and posted it online with the caption, "That's right, I did it!!"

But, as it turns out, Tan was the one who had to apologize. Her boyfriend says he wasn't actually cheating -- he had been out all night planning a surprise birthday party for his girlfriend.

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"I asked her what had happened and she flew into a rage," Wu told People's Online Daily. "I explained what I had been arranging her surprise party for and showed her the reservation I had made online for a fancy restaurant I was going to take her to. I then told her that all her friends were going to turn up later. She eventually believed me and we sorted things out, but I don't think anyone will want to rent that car anytime soon." 

Source: Dail Mail

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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