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Woman Froze To Death In School Yard, Court Rules

Charlotte Christodoulou, a 23-year-old mother from Walsall, England, died on Jan. 4 after she became trapped in a school playing field in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. 

A court heard Christodoulou tried to take a shortcut through Harlescott Junior School with her boyfriend, Jamie Lloyd-Butler, 33, on Jan. 2, but she wasn’t able to get over the 10-foot-fall fence. 

Pathologist Dr. Alexander Kolar said Christodoulou survived the subzero temperatures, despite her thin clothing, for so long because of the drugs in her system. A toxicology screening showed she had diazepam, cannabis, cocaine and morphine in her system.

“She was not lying there conscious and functioning. Due to the drugs in her system her natural functions would have been reduced,” Kolar said.

The coroner for Shropshire, John Ellery, said:

“She was (disoriented) and confused. She and Mr. Lloyd-Butler entered the playing fields. They reached a high fence. Only Mr. Lloyd-Butler was able to get over the fence.Miss Christodoulou could not and she remained in the playing fields area of the school. Mr. Lloyd-Butler said he was going to come back and help her over the fence. He says he did go back and she had gone. Given where she was found, she went to try and find a way out but there was no way out, she was trapped.”

Lloyd-Butler said he did return for her. “I wouldn’t just leave her there. I went back because her mum had telephoned asking where she was. I contacted the police and I went out looking for her but I could not find her.”

Currently, no one has been charged in connection with her death.

Sources: The Guardian, BBC

Image: West Mercia Police via The Guardian


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