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Woman Sentenced To 9 Years In Prison For Stabbing Husband In The Back

A U.K. woman who stabbed her Navy husband three times in the back when he decided to leave the relationship has been sentenced to nine years in prison.

Simon and Crystal Smith, both 30 years old, were married for six years and have a 4-year-old daughter together, reports. Crystal was allegedly abusive towards Simon throughout their relationship and stabbed him three times with an eight-inch kitchen knife on Feb. 12.

The incident occurred after Simon's Navy function at the Royal Beach Hotel in Southsea. At the event, in front of friends and colleagues, Crystal reportedly accused Simon of having an affair.

On the way home, Crystal then taunted Simon with a rap-style song.

“I’m going to make it rain,” she sang, according to “I’m going to make it rain with pain.”

When they arrived home, Crystal threw a knife block at Simon, which left the knives scattered across the floor. Simon then left the house but returned to collect his keys and some belongings.

As Simon packed his bag in the bedroom, Crystal allegedly crept up the stairs with a knife and then stabbed him in the back three times. Two of the wounds were in his upper back; the third went through the rear of his arm and severed an artery.

"What have you done?" Simon reportedly said following the stabbing.

“I’m going to go to prison for this…,” Crystal replied.

Simon managed to tourniquet his arm before collapsing on the porch in his own blood.

Crystal was arrested that night and charged with attempted murder.

Simon lost six pints of blood in the attack and had to undergo several operations. He has yet to fully regain feeling in his left arm.

During the trial, which started at Portsmouth Crown Court this summer, Simon told the jury that he had been abused by Crystal throughout their marriage. One incident was recounted where she swung a baseball bat at him that left a dent in the kitchen door.

"I was the victim of sustained physical abuse from my wife Crystal over the six years we were together. Crystal was the only serious relationship I ever had,” Simon’s victim impact statement reads. "Because I had nothing to compare it to I simply accepted it as normal. This incident has had a profound impact on my life and will continue to do so over many years. I have lost feeling in my left arm and it may never return."

Crystal’s defense claimed Simon had attacked her that night, choking her until she lost consciousness. She said she did not remember what happened when she woke up.

The jury found Crystal not guilty of attempted murder. She was, however, found guilty of wounding with intent.

During the sentencing hearing in August, Judge Sarah Munro QC said that Crystal was fueled by "fury" during the attack and that she intended to cause Simon "really serious harm."

Crystal was sentenced to nine years in prison.

"Please Simon, tell the truth, please Simon, tell the truth,” she reportedly cried during sentencing.

Simon plans to take a shore job so he can raise their daughter.

"She’s not going to be there for our daughter growing up but that’s not my fault, that’s her fault,” Simon told The News. “I expected to be called a liar and be accused of what she accused me of. But at the end of the day the jury believed she was the liar.”

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