Woman Flees Her Washington Home After Discovering The Address On An ISIS 'Kill List'

The terrorist group, Islamic State, also known as ISIS, has allegedly created a ‘kill list’ — a list of addresses in the United States that should be targeted for violence.

A single mother in Spokane, Washington, discovered her address was on the list and decided to move out with her three young daughters.

"To me, it's just a risk I do not need to take," the unidentified mother told KHQ. "I don't know that I would have been able to sleep comfortably at night.”

The home the woman was renting was owned by a military man. Fortunately, her former landlord is allowing her to move back into her old home.

"Thankfully, in my position, I have the ability to get myself out of the risk," she said. "The military families don't. Their identities are out there.”

The mother said it was difficult to decide what was best for her family and she cried often, but believes moving is the best course of action. 

"It kind of feels like something was taken from me," she said.

Source: KHQ Image via KHQ


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