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Woman Fined, Deported For Looking At Husband's Phone

A woman in the United Arab Emirates was given a fine and then deported after allegedly breaching her husband's privacy, according to reports.  The woman had reportedly been checking the phone to see if her husband was cheating on her.

The husband reported the incident to police and his wife was prosecuted under a law against cybercrimes, according to BBC.

The unnamed woman was fined $41,000 by the criminal court in the emirate of Ajman, Reuters reports.

The woman's lawyer, Eman Sabt, said the couple were in their 30s and were of Arab origin, and confirmed that the woman had accused her husband of having an affair.

The wife reportedly transferred pictures from her husband's phone to hers using WhatsApp and confronted her husband about the affair she believed he was having.

The woman appeared in court on May 12 and was prosecuted under a law forbidding "the invasion of privacy of another person" using information technology.

Sources: Reuters, BBC / Photo Credit: VisualHunt

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