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Woman Finds Man Living In Her Shed

A woman was horrified to learn that a man had been secretly living in the shed on her property for a month.

Heather Bradley, a young woman from England, discovered a garden littered with cigarette butts, fast food containers, and beer cans, as well as newspapers filled with human feces, after her uninvited house guest left, The Sun reports.

Bradley saw from a window in her home a strange man lurking in her backyard. She said that she had her partner go outside to confront the man and ask what he was doing, according to Mad World News.

When they confronted the man, he reportedly said that he had become homeless after his girlfriend had kicked him out. "I shouldn't be here," he's reported to have told them before running away. When the couple looked inside of the shed on their property, they were shocked at what they found.

"I could tell how long he had been living there because of the stench," said Bradley, who said that the man had not only been secretly staying inside of the couple's shed, but had also snuck in a mattress.

"He left feces in newspaper all over my garden," Bradley added. "It’s one thing to sleep in my shed, set up camp, smoke, drink, eat and throw his cr** all over my garden, but to put his sh** in newspaper and just leave it in my garden for all the flies and God knows what to come in our house… I just think it’s disrespectful."

Now Bradley says that she is fearful that the man will return. The couple has padlocked the shed to keep him out.

"I sympathize with the homeless, and everyone deserves a second chance," she said, according to Milton Keynes, "but to come into someone’s property and disrespect it like this has left me feeling scared in my own home."

The couple has also contacted the police, who said that the man could potentially be charged with trespassing, but that there wasn't anything else that they could do.

Source: Mad World News, The Sun, Milton Keynes / Photo credit: Array via The Sun

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