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'The Only Way Is To Dump Them': U.K. Womans Find Kittens Abandoned In Suitcase

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U.K. woman Kaysie Sheridan was dropping her son off at preschool on Sept. 18 when she passed a suitcase full of kittens.

When Sheridan stopped to investigate a suitcase she saw near the entrance to her son's school in Warrington, U.K., she discovered a litter of six 3-week-old kittens along with a note, The DoDo reported.

“The only way is to dump them sorry it’s you,” the note read. “Help us call RSPCA…or cat’s protection they won’t help me.”

Sheridan, who was shocked by the note, took the kittens to her mother, Sue.

“It wasn’t very nice inside the case, and there was a cloth with blood on it, which we think the mother had probably given birth on,” Sheridan told the Warrington Guardian.

Sheridan added that whoever had dropped the kittens on the side of the road obviously wasn’t in a position to care for them and that the scene melted her heart.

Three of the kittens have found homes within the Sheridan family. Sheridan said that she, her mother and her grandmother are all adopting one of the kittens.

Sheridan added that she can’t promise the kittens to any homes yet because they are still so young. 

The DoDo noted that the best way to protect against pet overpopulation is to spay or neuter a pet. 

Sources: The DoDo, DailyMail

Photo Credit: Facebook


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