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Woman Finds Disgusting Unwanted Surprise In Her Big Mac (Photo)

Here’s a short list of things you wouldn’t mind finding on a burger: cheese, lettuce, ketchup and onions.

Here, on the other hand, is an even shorter list of things you absolutely don’t want within 100 miles of your food — burger or otherwise: cockroaches.

Unfortunately for New Zealand woman Annah Sophia Stevenson, she found herself chewing down on the latter topping recently. Stevenson was eating a Big Mac from McDonald’s in Blenheim, New Zealand, when she took a bite of what she thought was a tough piece of gristle. Then she took the “gristle” out of her mouth.

"I was working on it for about three or four seconds, I thought it was a bit of gristly meat," she told Yahoo Australia. "The guts were hanging out and it had a big hole in the middle of it."

Imagine pulling this out of your mouth:

McDonald’s vows to investigate the situation, but that’s too little too late for Stevenson.

“I’ll never, ever eat another Big Mac as long as I live,” she says. 

Sources: Facebook, Yahoo Australia

Photo Credit: Annah Sophia Stevenson, Facebook


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