British Woman Finds Black Widow Spider In Bag Of Grapes


A veterinary nurse in in England was shocked to discover a black widow spider in a bunch of grapes.

Emma Bott, 43, from Coventry, England, said she bought Mexican grapes from a Costco warehouse store, and discovered the spider when she washed the fruit, reports Daily Mail.

Bott quickly picked up the spider with a skewer and placed it in a container before calling an expert to remove it. 

“I was down at the Costco in Coventry picking up my bulk shop and picked up some grapes. They went all the way through the checkout, into my car and were driven all the way home,” she said.

“We were actually joking about there being a spider in the bananas and then when I was washing the grapes I spotted a web. My ex-partner was dropping the kids off and had a look and said he thought it was a black widow. I was like ‘woah.’ It was actually quite fascinating and exciting. You don't see that in the U.K.”

Bott was disturbed by the discovery, telling reporters she was most concerned about the possibility of her three young children eating the grapes had she not found the spider first.

“I have three young children so what could have gone wrong doesn't bear thinking about. It's horrifying,” she said. “These things happens I guess. It won't stop me shopping and it won't stop me buying grapes. I wrote off to Costco and they said the supplier in Mexico uses black widows as an organic pest control.”

Geoff Grewcock, the wildlife expert Bott called to remove the spider, said that a child picking up or eating the spider would have been a serious problem.

“The woman was obviously shocked and traumatized because she has three children at home,” Grewcock said.

“It's a real problem with grapes from Mexico at the moment. They use the black widows to kill insects and are meant to have fumigated them but clearly this one slipped through. It's a very potential danger. If you think you spot a black widow then always call (emergency services).” According to reports, Costco declined to comment on the spider.

The incident follows a similar occurrence in Vermont earlier this year, reported by The Huffington Post, involving a woman who spent a night in the hospital after being bitten by a black widow that had been hiding in a bag of grapes.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Shenrich91/Wikimedia Commons


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