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'It's Frightening The Life Out Of Me': Woman Finds Huge Wolf Spider In Bathroom (Photos)

A British woman said she is terrified after a spider living in her Kent home has grown to 3 inches wide.

Natalie Woods, 21, first noticed the giant wolf spider in May after it ran across her bathroom floor, the Daily Mail reported. She said she enlisted the help of her pals to capture the spider, but they were unsuccessful. Thus, the spider reportedly remains in Woods' residence.

Wolf spiders are common around the world. They have two giant eyes and six smaller ones and can run at speeds of up to 2 feet per second, according to the Daily Star.

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Woods shared a picture of the venomous spider on Twitter and asked for advice.

“Need a hoover to suck up spider in my flat," she jokingly tweeted.

While she has been able to make jokes about the spider, she is still terrified.

"It's frightening the life out of me,” Woods told the Daily Mail. "Even getting up for the toilet in the night I'm creeping downstairs in case I accidentally stir it or step on it.

"I noticed it ages ago but now it has grown into a whopper."

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Neighbor Claire Richards, 34, said she knew what she would have done if she were in Woods’ situation.

"To be honest, I'd just move house – I would not be able to deal with a spider that big,” she said.

Wolf spiders will only inject venom if they are continually provoked. The bite is not lethal but can be very painful, according to pest control expert Lisa Jo Lupo. Symptoms include swelling, mild pain and itching.

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Photo Credit: Daily Star, Twitter via Daily Mail


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