Saudi Woman Files For Divorce, Says Her Husband Is 'Ugly'

A woman in Saudi Arabia is reportedly filing for divorce from her husband because he is too ugly.

Reports say the couple are currently facing a judge to go through the divorce proceedings, and the woman told the court the reason she wants to end her marriage is because her husband is not attractive, according to Emirates 24/7 News.

The husband had to be forced to appear in court, and the judge adjourned the hearings so as to have time to study the case, a local paper reported.

The story was posted on Reddit, and some readers say they wished the wife had been less harsh.

“Hey, I'm all for getting divorced if you want to get divorced,” one Reddit user commented, “but couldn't she have sugarcoated it a bit?”

“Truth be told, the judge should grant the divorce so the man doesn't need to live with someone who will call him ugly on such a scale,” said another. “That's just cruel.”

It’s not clear how long the two were married before the wife came to her realization.

Sources: Emirates 24/7 News, Reddit

Photo credit: Pixabay, Shutterstock via Emirates 24/7 News


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