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Woman Faces Lawsuit, Possible Charges For Rescuing Dog From Train Tracks (Video)


A woman who saved a dog from train tracks in Peru faces a potential lawsuit and charges for jumping in to rescue the pup.

In a video of the incident (below), the woman was seen jumping on to the tracks at Metro de Lima and running over to the dog to save it.

AOL reports the dog escaped its owner’s clutches and managed to get onto the tracks. The dog made desperate attempts to jump back up to safety to no avail. 

The rescuer, noticing that nobody else had taken any action to get the dog, jumped in and saved the day. Metro officials subsequently said that while they recognized her heroic efforts, going on to the tracks is illegal.

“Anyone found guilty of compromising the safety of the train tracks, will be punished with six months or up to six years in prison,” the Peruvian penal code states.

The woman reportedly faces a lawsuit because of her actions, though many who applaud her efforts have reached out to offer legal support. 

Watch video of the incident below. Do you think the woman should face charges?

Sources: AOL, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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