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Doctors Operate On Woman After Spider Weaves Web In Her Ear Canal (Photos)

A Chinese woman got a terrifying surprise when she learned that the scratching sound she heard inside her ear canal was from a spider.

The woman, identified by her surname Li, was experiencing intense pain in one of her ears, according to the Daily Mail. She went to a hospital in Xiamen, southwest China, where she was told by doctors that a spider had been living in her ear. 

To make matters worse, the spider had started to weave a web inside her ear canal.

Li, 25, told People's Daily Online -- a Chinese news outlet -- that she went hiking several days ago with her boyfriend. She picked fruit from a tree behind a cemetery while hiking and when she got home, the scratching began.

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For days Li experienced the scratching noise and intense pain and it continued to get worse. She tried to take pain-relief medication and anti-inflammation pills, but nothing helped. 

Li said at one point she even feared that the pain could mean she was possessed by an evil spirit after walking over a grave in the cemetery.

When she arrived at the hospital, doctors found that the spider was resting on her ear drums. 

Doctors used ear drops to put the spider to sleep before extracting it under surgical conditions. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror

Photo Credit: WikiCommons, Travis Isaacs/Flickr


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