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Woman Discovers A Viper In Her Box Of Bananas

An Austrian woman was shocked to discover a viper in a box of bananas she bought at a local grocery store.

Reports say the woman had just purchased the box of bananas and was driving home when she glanced in her rearview mirror to see a viper slithering out of the container.

The terrified woman pulled over to the side of the road. She was unable to determine whether or not the creature was venomous, so she called emergency services for help.

Georg Jachan, "Mr. Rattlesnake,” a local expert, came to identify what type of snake was discovered among the bananas.

“It’s a harmless viperine snake which looks very similar to the venomous viper,” Jachan determined.

Jachan added that the snake most likely brought into Austria from Spain inside the box of bananas. The viper is reportedly now in Jachan's custody.

Sources: The Daily Meal, The Local

Photo Sources: Wikimedia Commons via The Daily Meal


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