Woman Discovers Husband Of Two Years Had Two Other Wives Thanks To Facebook (Photos)


A British woman was shocked to discover on Facebook that her husband, a Royal Gurkha Rifles fighter, had been hiding two other wives from her for years.

Amanda Taleb said she met her husband, Baburam Rai, in 1995 through a friend while he was stationed nearby. The pair became a couple in 2002, and they married in 2004.

“When we met he was charming and kind, a real gentleman,” Taleb said. “We hit it off straight away. We had a good time together and then one day I walked into the living room and he was on one knee. After we were married he’d spend ­weekends away. Once he left a note saying he had gone back to Nepal. I didn’t see him for three weeks.”

After the wedding, Rai, 46, revealed to his wife that he had a son from a previous relationship.

“He brought Namchong to our home when he was seven just after the wedding,” Taleb said. “He had to explain to me whose child he was but never said he had been married. I brought him up until last year.”

After 10 years of marriage, Taleb began to investigate her husband and soon stumbled on a shocking secret through emails. According to the 51-year-old wife, Rai posted online advertisements saying that he was “bored with his British wife,” and looking for a “a nice young Nepalese woman.”

“I knew there was something wrong between us but I was heartbroken” she said. "My whole world just fell apart in five minutes. I had no idea what to do. So I went on his Facebook and saw he was asking this man to persuade his sisters to sign divorce papers. He denied he was married to anyone else, but I contacted the Army and it transpired he had two other wives.”

Rai reportedly married his first wife in 1990, though three years later she “ran away and has not been seen since.” A short time later, Rai married again.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Taleb said. “It was like a hammer blow. I never knew he was a compulsive liar. After all these years I could have been happily married with someone else.”

The couple separated last year after Taleb found out about her bigamist husband, and she is now seeking an annulment.

Rai, a native of Nepal, claimed that Taleb knew of his previous marriages but instructed him to keep it a secret so that they could get married in Britain.

“In my country once your wife leaves your house then all you have to do is get the police,” he said. "You don’t need the courts. The law is different in Nepal.” 

Taleb denied having any knowledge of her husband’s other marriages, saying that she never would have stayed with him if she did.

“It’s nonsense to say I knew of the previous marriages,” she said. “If I’d known I’d never have married him. Now I’m waiting for an annulment so I can move on with my life.”

In a similar incident, a woman made headlines earlier this year after she discovered through Facebook that her husband married his secret mistress.

Sources: Daily Mirror, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Daily Mirror


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