Woman 'Disappears' On Live TV, Goes Viral (Video)


A video of a blonde woman suddenly "disappearing" during a live Danish news broadcast is going viral on the web and confounding folks (video below).

In the video, the blonde woman can be seen in the background behind a man who is being interviewed by the television network TV2 at the Copenhagen Airport in Denmark, noted the Daily Mail.

The blonde woman is seen speaking to another female during the interview, but moments later, the second female walks away with her luggage, and the blonde woman inexplicably disappears.

The bizarre video doesn't appear to be edited, and it was reportedly broadcast live.

Two TV2 announcers, speaking Dutch, appear to lose it as they watch the video and replay the blonde woman's disappearance.

The mysterious video has gone viral on the web, and caused numerous proposed explanations, some likely, others absurd.

E! Online noted that some of the reactions from the social media site Reddit included:

"Did she walk at the same time as the woman pushing the cart and the woman with the cart just blocked the view from her?" 

"Look at her reflection in the metallic rubbish bin on the left of the picture. You can see it moves off to the left, to follow the other dark haired woman."

"There are 'people' who can just slip into the folds of space and disappear from the view of the rest of the world." 

"She was a g-g-g-g-g-ghost!"

"Time traveler."

"So? Everything disappears in baggage claim."

Mashable came up with a more plausible explanation: "If you look closely, you can see the blonde woman's blue jeans in the gap between the woman's arm and her body. Basically the whole thing is just a freaky coincidence, where the blonde woman walks off shot at the exact moment the woman pushing the trolley walks past. No disappearance, then, sadly — just a Jason Bourne-style stealth escape. Still pretty damn cool, though."

Sources: Daily MailE! Online, Mashable / Photo credit: TV2 via YouTube

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