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Woman Dies In France Following Bungee Jumping Accident

A 28-year-old woman has died and her 32-year-old boyfriend is in a serious condition in a French hospital after a tandem bungee jump went badly wrong Sunday.

The couple were jumping from a crane in the northern French town of Audincthun, according to reports.

“The couple went to the top of (sic) crane, 65 metres high, to do a bungee jump,” a source close to the investigation told French daily Le Parisien, according to “During the jump, around 15 metres from the ground, there was a dysfunction with the fastening system and both fell heavily to the ground."

The Local reported that the source also confirmed the elastic had not broken.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene, while her boyfriend is currently being treated at Lille’s University College Hospital. His injuries have been reported as very serious. He is yet to be identified.

Both the owner of the bungee jump and the employee who attached the couple to the equipment have been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.

“Clearly there was a problem with the fixing of the couple to the rope,” commented Sébastien Piève, a prosecutor. “We will see if it was caused by human error, or a problem with the equipment or a combination of the two.”

As well as shutting the crane down, authorities have seized much of the equipment used in the jump. According to, the crane had been operating in the area for two years, and was popular among tourists and visitors.

The death of the woman came just a week after another fatal fall occurred in France.

12-year-old acrobat Lilou Gaude died when she fell from a lighthouse in Bordeaux while filming for a television series on France’s most famous monuments, according to

Sources: TheLocal, Photo Credit:


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