Woman Convicted Of Abusing 90-Year-Old Great-Grandmother

Dorothy Kerridge, 56, was sentenced to three years in prison for beating Muriel Munro, a 90-year-old great-grandmother who has since died. Kerridge was convicted of two counts of actual bodily harm.

Munro, of Ipswich, Suffolk, England, was in Kerridge’s care at the time of the assaults. Munro told her family that Kerridge had hit her with a stick and slapped her, but they initially doubted her claims because Munro had dementia.

"It's been an absolute nightmare for us. The last few weeks of my mum's life must have been a nightmare because she couldn't express herself,” said Michael Munro, the elderly woman’s son. Kerridge had claimed her charge had fallen several times.

Kerridge reportedly abused Munro from 2012 to 2013, but she was sentenced in April 2015.

“This was a particularly distressing case, in which an extremely vulnerable person was abused by someone who was entrusted by family and friends to care for her,” said Detective Chief Inspector Jim Gooding from the Protecting Vulnerable People Directorate. “Carers across the county do a fantastic job of supporting people who need assistance, but Kerridge completely abused this position of trust over a number of months.”

Nicola Munro, one of Munro's grandchildren, exposed Kerridge’s abuse. "My nanny told me she (Kerridge) hit her. It is hard because my nanny was my whole world. I did believe her but I couldn't understand that someone could do such a thing, to be honest. When we did come to see nanny she didn't really say a lot,” she told Mirror. 

"It was the evidence of the bruises I took pictures of which made me think 'something's going on here.'"

Judge John Devaux said it’s likely Munro would have been further victimized if Kerridge hadn’t been stopped. Gooding added, “This has been an extremely traumatic time for (the Munro family) and I hope that today’s court result will go some way to help them recover.”

Sources: Ipswich Star, Mirror

Image via Mirror


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