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Woman Claims She Was Cyber-Flashed On Her iPhone With Penis Pictures

Lorraine Crighton-Smith claims that she recently received two unsolicited pictures of a man's penis on her iPhone while riding to work on a train in London.

Crighton-Smith notified the British Transport Police (BTP), which investigated its first-ever cyber-flashing crime.

The 34-year-old woman allegedly received the penis pictures via Apple's Airdrop app.

The Daily Mail notes that the Airdrop app has two settings, "Contacts" and "Everyone." The latter allows anyone with an iPhone to send an image to your Airdrop app, while "Contacts" restricts those transmissions to people you know.

Crighton-Smith told the BBC News:

I had Airdrop switched on, I previously had been using it to share photographs with another iPhone, and a picture appears on the screen of a man's penis, which I was quite shocked by.

So, I declined the image, instinctively, and another picture appeared, at which point I realized someone nearby was sending them, and that concerned me. I felt quite violated, it was a very unpleasant thing to sort of be forced upon my screen.

I was worried then about who else might have been recipients, it might have been a child, it could have been someone more vulnerable than me.

Because Crighton-Smith declined the images, the BTP claims there is no tech evidence to track down.

BTP Supt. Gill Murray told the BBC News:

Receiving an indecent image from someone you don't know must be very distressing and something we would take very seriously. If it happens to you, our advice would be to remain calm, retain the image and report the matter to police as soon as possible.

Sources: BBC News, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: BBC News Screenshot


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