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Woman's Video Of 'Ghost' In Her Home Goes Viral (Video)

An Ireland woman claims she captured a poltergeist swinging lamps and throwing objects in her home (video below).

Ashy Murphy uploaded the video to her Facebook page and it's already been viewed more than 10 million times.

The footage appears to show a lamp swinging on its own, says WTKR. Tropical house music is heard as the alleged poltergeist begins to hurl objects across the room and slam cabinet doors.

Murphy captioned the video: “[It's] getting way worse I [definitely] have to move house.”

Some users commended Murphy on her bravery for staying in the house, saying they would have abandoned the house the second they saw the lamp move. One commentator suggested spreading holy water throughout the house, while another asked if Murphy could throw a Halloween party.

Another video was uploaded on YouTube and commentators were far more skeptical.

“It's pretty convincing at first, but after watching it a second time, I do see the string/fishing wire,” wrote one user. “Also the dog on the couch would be going crazy if this was real, not relaxed and having a nap…”

Sources: WTKRFacebook / Photo credit: Aisling Murphy​/YouTube

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